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we help innovators go from concept to launch


Launch experiments & MVPs more quickly to expand to new demographics & markets

We work with entrepenerus and intrepreneurs who are looking to quickly, affordably, and compliantly launch in-market experiments and digital MVPs. We do this at 4X the speed of internal resources and at 1/4 the cost of traditional agencies.



Understanding and empathizing with humans is the foundation of all of the work that we do. We employ an ethnographic approach to our design work - leveraging tools from design researchers, anthropologists, and documentary filmmakers to deeply get to know the individuals for whom we are designing. Through this ethnographic work, we arm teams with a rich understanding customer and unique opportunities for innovation and differentiation. 

Point of View

We combine the insights from our field research with technological, and competitive market signals to form a strong point of view for a new product strategy and design direction.


We believe in the generating a large volume of bold, provocative solutions and new concepts that span the core, adjacent, and transformational pockets of your innovation portfolio. Together, we will select the concept(s) that we believe best meet organizational goals and the customer needs to focus our research, prototyping, and development efforts on.


We believe in making things real, quickly. The prototyping process will be specific to the concept we are testing, but may include digital experiences, physical hardware, voice interfaces, virtual reality, and in-person scenarios. We will iterate on the prototype based on rounds of customer feedback and interaction in order to validate our most important and riskiest assumptions.


Combining our learnings from the prototype, we design a complete Venture Model for your new product. We define what will be included in your MVP and work collaboratively with your team to launch quickly.


Paper Ventures really made the difference for us. They led us through a design and development process that kept our customer at the center while staying true to our vision and strategy.

They built and deployed our MVP on time and on budget, and with a collaborative and transparent working style that kept us comfortable and confident the whole time. The market response has been tremendous and they deserve all the credit.


Paper Ventures came in quickly, without any bureaucracy, and jumped into our customer’s lives.

Uniquely, Paper Ventures has a broad business skillset that brought forth tangible and actionable concepts for us to build and launch. They are a fantastic mix of ethnographic research, test and learn entrepreneur, and corporate shepherd – I look forward to working with them again.


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